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What Am I Missing?

This is the first week back since the new web design & uploading new pictures of our collection as well as new our new item; the Coin Pendant. Did you see it yet? It’s one of my favorites.

Although there has been some new marketing put in play for a bit of advertising, I’ve only seen in my analytics that people are looking at the site BUT not shopping. It makes me wonder what I’m missing in order to your shopping experience a pleasant one. What am I not supplying that you want? AND, what is it that I am supplying that you don’t want?

I’d like this to be a successful business not just because it gives me the ability to provide for my family but also because I want to make this a business that brings joy to others. I’ve seen the faces light up, hear the stories of tears flowing out of joy and warmed hearts with my pieces. I want that to flourish. With these beautiful yet simple pieces it’s possible to touch hearts.

So, tell me in all honesty, what you’d like to see, and even of what you don’t. And let’s make that happen.