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Valentine's Day Is Just Around The Corner...

Are you guys totally on board with Valentine’s Day and all the hype that comes with it? Yes, hype can be lots of fun, especially when it comes down to all the yummy chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

I for one LOVE how simple it can all be. I don’t feel the need to be pampered over or need to be taken out for dinner or have a date night simply because it’s Valentine’s Day. The simplicity of “I love you” should be included in every day life. No need for all the hoopla . However, if you want to splurge a little bit, Hey, I won’t twist your arm on that one.

Even though Valentine’s day is a day of declaration I enjoy it’s potential simplicity, that doesn’t mean it you should go without though. You know what I mean. Consider this a fair warning. Don’t sweep things under the rug completely just because you think it’s a marketing ploy. It shouldn’t be, but dang it, who can resist all that chocolate! The highlight of Valentine’s Day. My advice is this, do a little something. Especially if you have children. If you have kids, this is a perfect day to share with them that you’re crazy for them. Bake some cupcakes, write a letter, even a little red food coloring may do the trick. Now, for you older folks, not children, or teenagers, but you full fledged adults who know you cannot ignore this day or there will be some hell to pay on some level…a little goes a long way. Make dinner. A single rose…write a letter. Those never get old and can be the only thing needed or even wanted. Just something that says, on this day, I am thankful I have you.

And here is where my shop comes into play if you really want to make a statement. If you’re not one for simplicity but want to share those your heart AND have it be totally affordable but pull at those heart strings…(Pun intended). Imagine giving your girlfriend…your wife…your daughter…your mother…your best friend…a statement pieces that shows them with something as simple as their name etched in gold. The names of your children. An Infinity symbol that says exactly that….Infinity. That’s where even this “little” goes an extra long way to share your heart where perhaps the words that aren’t spoken easily are spoken for you with us.