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So Here We Are

…They say to get a “job” that you love, not for the money, but simply for the pleasure so that it’s not “work.”

Well, here I am, doing what I love. That creative streak has always been a part of me. When I was a kid, I wrote stories, and poetry. As a teenager, I added music and eclectic art to that. Now, I’ve found this passion that not only makes it doable to give to those who want a message to share but gives me a chance to stay at home with my children…My seven children.

It’s my goal that this business with first and foremost give glory to God. Allowing Him to work through me. That it will give me the ability to help in providing for my family. But also, and with great ambition, that it will bring joy to others.

I named this business, “Heart Strings Collections” because our bodies have real ligaments that are connected to the heart muscle. Those ligaments contain their strength in connection with our emotions. That’s why it’s physically possible for a person to actually die from a broken heart. Those ligaments have weakened and thus, the heart fails. It’s my goal that with these pieces, to bring emotion to the surface, to pull at those heart strings of yours. Not to hurt or stress them, but to feel: Love, Strength, Hope, Inspiration, Devotion, and Courage.

I do my best to keep the prices affordable for everyone. To be honest, the only paying customers I’ve had at this point have all come from children & pre-teens who have had pieces made for their best friends and parents for Birthday & Christmas. I can’t tell you how much I love that. The heart of children are amazing and so incredibly beautiful.

New pieces will be coming soon. At the moment, all of gold & silver pieces are plated BUT I will be adding Filled Golds & Sterling Silver soon along with some other adorable pieces.

Feel free to submit and suggestions or ask whatever you want. I’m pretty much an open book.