About Us.

Hello There,

It is with great pride and happiness that we launch Heart Strings Collections online. What started off as a hobby the end of 2017, slowly bloomed into, what is now, Heart Strings Collections (HSC). We are a small, in home Christian business based in Southern California. All of our items are from local suppliers with all of our items made by hand. One at a time, order by order. And for that reason, every piece is completely unique in the very best sense. No item is fully made until YOU order it. The best part is that each item is literally made JUST specifically for you. No two items are exactly alike and are one of a kind, just like you.

It’s the goal of HSC to not only bring you happiness with your custom items but to also bring hearts together. It’s in these pieces that you can, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear them around your wrists, ankles, or close to your heart. Our “slogan” is more than just some words, it’s our truest goal, “To pull at those strings, bringing hearts together.”